Patient Profiles

Meet Ally

Ally was diagnosed with bilateral trigeminal neuralgia at the age of 13. In this video, she discusses what it’s like living with trigeminal neuralgia as a child and how it motivates her to achieve her goals.

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Meet Anne

Anne explains the impact that her TN medications had on her life and how she learned to manage her triggers. She also discusses how she gives back to the facial pain community, and how she benefits from having a strong support system.

Meet David

David shares his story, including how attending a regional conference of the Facial Pain Association helped him get educated, network with other patients and physicians, and eventually become involved in the organization, first as a donor and eventually as a board member. To learn more about David, click here. 

Meet William

William discusses the challenges of getting an accurate diagnosis and the various treatments he’s tried to help manage his pain. He explains how his facial pain has impacted his personal and professional life, including how he talks to his kids about his TN.